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These Fallout TV show replicas will set you up to wander the Wasteland in no time



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Whether you’re a Fallout fan who has newly discovered the franchise through the TV series, or one who has been neck deep in the lore for years, there are two new pieces of merch available to pre-order that are likely to get you very excited — Lucy’s Vault 33 Backpack and an (almost) fully working Pip-Boy. 

These two items, perfect for everyday use or cosplay alike, are being produced by The Wand Company, who previously produced the Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI construction kit.

Lucy’s Vault 33 Backpack

Price: $199.00 USD / £199.99 GBP

The replica of Lucy's Vault 33 backpack from the Fallout TV show
Image via Bethesda

Made from “sturdy material” (which I take to mean “canvas”, but that’s just speculation on my part) and vegan leather, Lucy’s backpack is, according to Bethesda, made using the very same patterns that were used to create the in-universe version that’s seen in the Fallout TV series. Materials have also been sourced to match those used in the show.

As something of an organization nut, I can picture myself dragging my overly-large laptop around in the 16-inch interior pocket, while the rest of my completely unnecessary items can be organized in the other nine pockets. The yellow blanket comes as part of the package, which has me picturing myself heading out for the nerdiest of summer picnics. If you don’t want to lug the blanket around with you, it can be removed, turning the backpack into something that, at least in my opinion, is perfect for everyday use.

If you want to get your hands on this backpack, you can pre-order it now on the following websites, with an estimated dispatch date in September 2024:

United States

UK & Europe

Fallout TV Series Pip-Boy

Price: $199.99 USD / £199.99 

Diagram detailing the features of the replica Pip-Boy from the Fallout TV show
Image via The Wand Company

I have to admit, this made me very excited, and also has me questioning whether I truly need a new alarm clock. As Pip-Boys go, this is the closest we’ve ever got to a fully functioning one. The Pip-Boy is iconic within the universe of Fallout, and this replica can either be worn on your arm (I envy your confidence), or set up at home as a combined alarm clock and FM radio. 

Despite the obvious appeal of the die-cast metal casing and LCD screen filled with a long list of animations from the first season of the Fallout TV show, the most exciting thing about the replica is the memory foam inner cuff. Maybe I’m just old, but I’ll take comfort over style any day. Not that this Pip-Boy sacrifices one for the other.

The replica was designed with the geometry that was used to produce the props for the Fallout TV show, comes with a RobCo stand for display and at-home use, and screens can be scrolled through using the dials on the side of the unit. 

Although the Pip-Boy is available on multiple sites, some carry a slightly higher price than others, such as Bethesda Gear International selling it for £208 GBP. If you want to add this to your collection without feeling put out by bizarrely increased prices, you can pre-order it now via the following sites, with dispatch beginning in November 2024:

United States

UK & Europe

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