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Best Opticor Vandal build in Warframe



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The Opticor Vandal is a weapon that occasionally appears in Baro Ki’Teer’s biweekly shop in Warframe. It’s one that you should get if you like big lasers that deal very high base damage, with an emphasis on criticals. So, once you have your hands on this, here’s the best build we have for the Opticor Vandal.

The best Opticor Vandal build in Warframe

The following is an Opticor Vandal build that will also contain some recommendations for Arcanes and the Exilus slot. You’ll also have to invest a good amount of Forma to get the build working since max-ranked mods tend to be very costly.

Here are the mods you should put:

  • Galvanized Chamber (or Split Chamber)
  • Serration
  • Point Strike
  • Vital Sense
  • Vigilante Armaments
  • Infected Clip
  • Primed Cryo Rounds
  • Radiated Reload
  • Exilus: Vigilante Supplies 
  • Arcane: Primary Merciless

With this build, you’ll be dealing heavy amounts of critical damage. Pair that with dealing Viral and Radiation damage with an already solid status chance. You can take this to any enemy faction and do well without having to change the mod setup.

The Opticor Vandal also has an innate Magnetic Proc that deals damage on its radial blast. So, despite this being a single-target weapon, there is some AoE that becomes more apparent the longer you charge it.

Also, with the new Radiated Reload mod, you basically create this element for one mod and give yourself a faster reload speed. The weapon already handles really fast for shooting, and the reload is different. This mod is just too good to use and gives you so many benefits for a mere seven points.

Opticor Vandal Build in Warframe
Screenshot by Destructoid

When to use the Opticor Vandal

The Opticor Vandal can be brought into most of Warframe’s content. If you want to use it for mobbing, try utilizing it in narrow corridors to make use of its innate punch-through. 

Should you be in more open areas, consider bringing a frame that can group enemies together, like Nidus, Khora, Yareli, Mag, or Kullervo. One nicely placed shot in bunched-up enemies can destroy them, filling your screen with big yellow and orange numbers.

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