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How to complete Reclamation or Covert Research in Gray Zone Warzone



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After completing the Native Negotiations task for Lab Rat in Gray Zone Warzone, you’ll get several new tasks from all of your available vendors. Two of those tasks, Reclamation and Covert Research, share the same objective but have different outcomes and rewards based on which Vendor you side with. Here is how to complete both Reclamation and Covert Research in Gray Zone Warfare and which one you should choose to go with when the time comes.

Where to Find the Cargo for Reclamation and Covert Research
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Where to Find the Cargo for Reclamation and Covert Research

You can complete both the Reclamation and Covert Research tasks by retrieving some valuable cargo from a fortified hideout in the nearby town. The Vendor Handshake gives you the original task, Reclamation, telling you it’s important you get the cargo back in his hands. However, immediately after accepting this task, Lab Rat also gives you a task, Covert Research, where she wants you to instead return the cargo to her.

With both tasks accepted, head to the local town and look for the fortified hideout which is where you can find the cargo required to complete both the Reclamation and Covert Research tasks. Here is where you can find the fortified hideout based on your faction:

  • Mithras Security Systems – Right in the middle of where 168, 117 and 169, 117 and 168, 116 and 169,117 all meet on the corner in Nam Thaven
  • Crimson Shield International – 142, 165 in the town of Kiu Vongsa
  • Lamang Recovery Initiative – 204, 162 in the town of Pha Lang

Regardless of which town you must head to, the fortified hideout can be found up on top of a rocky hill, and as the name suggests, is heavily fortified. You’ll have to take out a few tougher enemies protecting the gate into the hideout but also in the yard area around the house. You’ll see the same red spray paint on the walls as the previous task, which is how you will know you’re at the right place.

Head inside the fortified hideout and up to the second floor. Enter the closed door at the top of the stairs and you’ll be in the bedroom where the cargo is located. Look for the circular metal container on the floor at the end of the bed, as this is the cargo. It requires a 2×2 open slot in your backpack, and is also extremely heavy so if you are already carrying other heavy items you may find yourself over-encumbered.

Should you complete Reclamation or Covert Research?

Now that you have the important cargo in hand, you can head to the nearest LZ and go back to base camp. Here you will have to make the tough decision: hand the cargo over directly to Handshake for Reclamation, or aid Lab Rat’s research by giving the cargo to here for her Covert Research task. Once you choose one of the two tasks, you will immediately receive a message from the other Vendor stating they are upset you did not go with them, and their task is automatically ended.

If you’re wondering which you should complete, I recommend completing Reclamation for Handshake. YTou mostly get medical supplies which are readily abundant throughout the town if you side with Lab Rat and complete Covert Research, not to mention they aren’t that expensive to buy directly from Lab Rat. However, if you complete Reclamation for Handshake, you’ll get a nice tactical helmet, body armor, and backpack. Both also give you the same amount of cash, experience, and a Key Holder that lets you hold up to four keys in it at once, which you should put in your SafeLock. The only other difference is 100 Reputation with that respective Vendor, which in the long run is not that much.

Here are the rewards for completing Reclamation or Covert Research:

Rewards for completing Reclamation for Handshake

  • 1x FAST MT Tactical Helmet
  • 1x Lancer Tactical Armor
  • 1x Scorpion Backpack with 20 slots
  • Key Holder
  • $4,500
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Reputation with Handshake

Rewards for completing Covert Research for Lab Rat

  • 2x 4/4 Bandage
  • 2x 5/5 CT
  • 2x 5/5 Splint
  • 2x 2/2 LBlood
  • 2x 6/6 SurKit
  • Key Holder
  • $4,500
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Reputation for Lab Rat

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