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All Sea of Thieves players are getting limited edition Gilded Voyages this month



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Developer Rare today announced that this month, all Sea of Thieves players will get a chance to head out on Gilded Voyages that should boost their standing with all Trading Companies and net them some big rewards.

Following on from this week’s successful launch of Sea of Thieves on PS5, Rare has confirmed we’re all about to get a lot richer in-game. In a couple of weeks, all players will be given the chance to embark on up to four Gilded Voyages and earn some of the most lucrative rewards in the game alongside what can end up being the longest adventures you can dive into.

Sea of Thieves players can loot a ridiculous amount of Gold from Gilded Voyages from mid-May

gilded rewards in sea of thieves
Image via Rare

Between May 16 and 23, 2024, Sea of Thieves players will have the opportunity to claim up to four Gilded Voyages. These are usually free and send players on quests for more loot than they’ll know what to do with. In a Twitter post announcing this, Rare explained how these Gilded Voyages would take players to the Ancient Isles, which makes them even more intriguing.

Gilded Voyages of the Ancient Isles award standing with all the game’s Trading Companies, the various factions you can work for. Not only that, though, these Gilded Voyages are going to award you with the Seamark Tribute Tattoo, but you’ll likely have to complete at least one Voyage to get it.

The only downside to Gilded Voyages is that they must be completed in the High Seas, the open world where players can attack each other in Sea of Thieves. Those who stick to Safer Seas because they prefer the co-op experience or want to stick to solo play won’t be able to get them unless they step up.

Given the High Seas restriction, some players aren’t as pleased as they could be about the upcoming Gilded Voyages. Others have inadvertently discovered that this is their chance to get the Seamark Tribute Tattoo back in their collection after it was removed by a past update.

As a new player who has joined with the PS5 launch, I’m excited to jump into my first event in the game. I play solo for the most part, but love going out of my way on High Seas mode with the added danger it presents. Of course, I might come to regret that if I’m boarded and lose all my loot after digging up 40 Captain’s Chests on a Gilded Voyage. I can’t resist a time-limited cosmetic, though.

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