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I’m going to be honest when I say I experienced some severe flashbacks when running the reprised Destiny 2 Exotic Mission, Zero Hour.

It’s a maze layered with some nasty platforming backed by an incredibly tight timer on Legend. One of the biggest pain points is the Fire Puzzle room. I hated it and want to spare you the same pain; so here are the solutions.

How to get past the Fire Room in Zero Hour

Normal Mode

Screenshot by Destructoid

When running Zero Hour on Normal, the pattern for navigating the Fire Room tiles changes daily. In order to safely cross the room, you’ll need to check the drawing on the wall in the vault prior. It’s a crude drawing, but it will do the job of helping you navigate. I recommend having one member of your fireteam move across the floor to confirm the pattern. That way, if they goof up, it’s a quick revive that doesn’t wipe the group.

Legend Mode

Image by Destructoid

Fortunately, Legend has a set route. I can’t imagine trying to confirm a route while dealing with the incredibly tight-timer. Just make sure to turn off the trap once you’re across. There will be a panel directly behind you on the right wall facing the fire puzzle which disables it. However, that switch is also on a timer and if a member of your fireteam is lagging behind, the trap may have reset.

  • Move from row one to row two in the first column on the left
  • Move right three spaces to the fourth column from the left
  • Move forward three spaces to the fifth row
  • Move left to the first column on the left
  • Move up to the exit

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