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YouTuber spots something unusual about Skyrim’s river flow, modder gets on it immediately



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I enjoy Any Austin’s Skyrim videos, many of which involve calculating the unemployment rate of Skyrim’s settlements. He’s a chill presence in the Skyrim scene, finding mundane threads and pulling them to see what unravels. His recent video was a perfect example of this, starting on a bridge over the White River in Riverwood and following it to the Sea of Ghosts, taking diversions every time a tributary flowed into it to identify their sources.

It’s a gentle rumination on both the art of making a 3D landscape for a videogame, whether realism is always the most important thing to consider, and why it’s so pleasing to stand beside a river and wonder about its source and its endpoint. Basically, it’s a nice way to spend about 13 minutes of your time and I recommend it to you highly.

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