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Will XDefiant be on PS4 and Xbox One? Answered – Destructoid



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XDefiant is the latest FPS targeting Call of Duty’s crown, but if you don’t own a PC and haven’t upgraded to a next-gen console, will you be able to get in on the action? Unfortunately, for Xbox One and PS4 owners, the news isn’t good.

After multiple delays, we’re finally on the cusp of XDefiant‘s release, so it’s no surprise that gamers are figuring out when the game releases, and on what platforms it will launch. It should come as no surprise that PC players and next-gen console owners will get to try it, but what about those who haven’t upgraded to a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S yet?

XDefiant matchmaking
Last-gen console owners are getting left behind. Image via Ubisoft

Is XDefiant on PS4?

No, XDefiant is not going to release on PlayStation 4. The game has not been developed for last-gen consoles, so if you haven’t upgraded to a PS5 yet, the unfortunate news is that you’re out of luck.

Is XDefiant on Xbox One?

Unfortunately, XDefiant will not be on the Xbox One either. The game will be released on the Xbox Series X|S, but Ubisoft has decided not to use the last-gen consoles.

Why is XDefiant not on PS4 or Xbox One?

When asked by a fan on X, formerly Twitter, Ubisoft explained that the development team wanted “to keep a consistent standard of quality for the game,” which led them to focus on current-gen systems only.

Because current-gen consoles are more powerful than their predecessors, the developer can do much more in terms of graphic fidelity and frames-per-second, which the PS4 and Xbox One couldn’t handle.

Could XDefiant release on PS4 and Xbox One in the future?

Look, we’ll never say never, but it seems very unlikely that this will happen. In my opinion, if you were doing a last-gen console release, you would need to do it at launch, as the longer you wait, the less worthwhile it is. If Ubisoft were to release a version for PS4 and Xbox One in a years time, would it really be worth the effort when most people have already upgraded? It seems unlikely.

Instead, the team will likely focus on improving the game and adding new maps, modes, and weapons.

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