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‘We have not confirmed any instance of Vanguard bricking anyone’s hardware’ following its League of Legends rollout, Riot says, but there are definitely problems for some players



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In response to multiple complaints of hardware failure following the rollout of its Vanguard anti-cheat software to League of Legends, Riot Games says it has “not confirmed any instance of Vanguard bricking anyone’s hardware” but acknowledged that some BIOS settings could be causing headaches for a small number of players.

The controversial Vanguard anti-cheat software has been live in Riot’s shooter Valorant since the game launched in 2020, but it didn’t come to League of Legends until earlier this week, as part of the 14.9 patch. Reports of serious trouble quickly followed: Players said their PCs were crashing, stuck in reboot loops, and in some cases “bricked”—rendered completely inoperable—following the update.

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