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Type Soul Trello and Discord links to connect with the community



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Chatting with members of the Type Soul community is a great way for new and veteran players to learn more about the game, especially when updates are released, and new features shake things up. Here’s how to join the Type Soul Trello and Discord to keep up on the latest news, trends, and community events.

How to join the Type Soul Trello

Type Soul’s official Trello board, which you can access by clicking the linked text, allows you to view details about nearly every aspect of the game. From class details to items and raid information, you can learn more about anything you could think of.

For example, you can also find more about Soul Reapers, Hollow/Arrancar, and Quincy classes, including their progressions and what to expect when choosing one or the other. If you’re a brand-new player, you can use these details to decide which one to pick if you’re unsure.

Type Soul Trello page
Image via Trello

Similarly, experienced players can visit the Type Soul Trello to learn more about rare items, including how to find and use Partial Res, various raids, and every Type Soul boss, among other details. On the far-left side of the Type Soul Trello, you’ll also find informational links to the Type Soul game controls, Discord, and general questions.

How to join the Type Soul Discord server

Type Soul features multiple Discord servers you can use to connect with members of the community, which you can access using the Trello link above. You can also join the main Type Soul Discord to access commonly asked questions, lore details, and other server channels once you complete verification.

Below are the steps to verifying your Discord account for the Type Soul Discord server:

  1. Join the Type Soul Discord.
  2. Head to #verify-instructions and use the Rover link to connect your Discord.
  3. Link your Roblox account to your Discord.
  4. Type !verify in the #verify Discord channel.

Once you finish verifying your account, you’ll gain access to the rest of the Discord server, allowing you to learn more about Type Soul and its community. The Trello board also features links for trading, the Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo, among others, to let you talk about specific topics with others.

Type Soul Twitter accounts

If you’re interested in learning more about Type Soul’s developers and staff team, you can find their X pages for updates on future features and content, alongside other miscellaneous posts. Below are some pages you can check out now:

However, you won’t find any official Type Soul YouTube or Facebook pages, making Twitter a solid place to find information alongside Trello and Discord. Multiple fan pages and content creators actively make videos surrounding it, making it worthwhile to explore if you enjoy keeping up to date with Type Soul.

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