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This ‘souls-like platonic dating simulator’ is (not so) secretly an Undertale-adjacent RPG with zero restraint, and I need a lie down after trying it



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Sometimes, when I sit down to spend some time with a new game for a quick and simple ‘hey, this thing exists’ news story, I do so with the understanding that I’ll be playing a game—or a demo, as is the case here—and evaluating its strengths, its weaknesses, and its promises. Taking a critical and analytical eye, figuring out whether to recommend the thing I’m trying.

I have not been critical or analytical while trying out Athenian Rhapsody. Instead, I have taken a volume of mental damage that has left me certain I won’t be able to stand the full game—like how you might get motion sickness in VR. You, however, might have an utter blast.

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