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This bizarre Stellar Blade tie-in burger turns buns blue



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Gaming is no stranger to bizarre food and drink promotions. In an effort to capitalize on its continued popularity, Stellar Blade has teamed up with Gami Chicken & Beer and is offering the “Stellar Blade burger” at the latter’s Sydney and Melbourne, AU locations.

It comes from the Land Down Under

The partnership was officially announced by the PlayStation AU account on X. Upon checking Gami Chicken & Beer’s website, it appears this is part of a larger promotion between the restaurant and Sony where patrons can enter a contest to win prize bundles.

By visiting a participating location and purchasing the Stellar Blade burger, patrons can use the receipt code to explain why they want to win the PlayStation 5 prize pack. Five winners of the grand prize will win a PlayStation 5, a Cobalt Blue controller, and a voucher for a digital copy of Stellar Blade. Additionally, there are 50 runner-up prizes for the aforementioned voucher.

As for what’s actually on the chicken sandwich, it’s described as a “golden crispy chicken fillet, topped with coleslaw and rich Gami cheese sauce on a slightly toasted blue bun.” It retails for $13.20 AUD ($8.81 USD) and is available for a limited time, which I would imagine ends at the same time as the promotion, on June 16, 2024.

I’m curious about the taste as I’m not opposed to a good chicken sandwich. However, I am a bit more curious as to what effect the bun dye has once it’s passed through the human digestive system. Will it be negligible or will it rival the Halloween Whopper and its Incredible Hulk poo? Time, and the Internet, will tell.

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