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Sony reveals new leadership structure for post-Jim Ryan Era – Destructoid



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Sony has revealed the new planned leadership structure following the departure of long-term CEO Jim Ryan on March 29, 2024. The new structure, which will take effect on June 1, 2024, sees the appointment of Hideaki Nishino to CEO of Sony’s Platform Business Group and Hermen Hulst to CEO of Sony’s Studio Business Group while the current interim CEO of Sony will become a chairman of the company.

A New Era

Former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, retired just a month and a half ago after spending 30 years with the company. Current interim CEO, Hiroki Totoki, will now serve as a chairman of Sony while maintaining his role as President, COO, and CFO of Sony Group Corporation. Both Nishino and Hulst will report to Totoki.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment is a dynamic and growing business that delivers incredible entertainment experiences through the connection of content and technology. These two leaders will have clear responsibilities and will manage strategic direction to ensure the focus remains on deepening engagement with existing PlayStation users and expanding experiences to new audiences.”

– Hiroki Totoki, Interim CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment and President, COO, and CFO of Sony Group Corporation

Nishino is the current Senior Vice President of the Platform Experience Group, leading the team responsible for developing new experiences and technology utilizing PlayStation products and services. The Platform Experience Group is responsible for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2, and PlayStation Network. In his new role, Nishino will continue to develop new technology, products, services, and platform experiences for Sony while also overseeing third-party publisher and developer relations as well as commercial operations.

Hulst, who currently serves as Senior Vice President and Head of PlayStation Studios, is responsible for bringing popular PlayStation video game IP to new mediums such as film and television, including the recent TV show The Last of Us. As the CEO of Studio Business Group, Hulst will assume the duties of developing, publishing, and business operations for Sony first-party content.

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