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Someone dropped a nuke on Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s Fallout 76 base – Destructoid



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It’s safe to say that it’s been a busy week for Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer, and next time he logs into Fallout 76 he’ll have even more added to his plate after a player decided to drop a nuke on his camp.

Microsoft, Xbox, and Spencer have dominated the news carousel this week, drawing enormous criticism from the gaming community following the announced closures of Redfall creators Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks, who developed the critically acclaimed Hi-Fi Rush.

As boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer has taken the brunt of the criticism online, and it seems that’s now moving into actual games too, with one Fallout 76 player deciding to drop a nuke on his camp near Uncanny Caverns, as spotted by Sam Snydes on X.

Now we can’t say for sure why Spencer was nuked this week, but dropping a massive bomb on his base on the week that hundreds of people lost their jobs does seem like the kind of petty revenge I can get behind. We also don’t know who did it, but I personally hope it was someone being affected by Phil’s decision. It doesn’t really help, but it would make me feel better at least.

In the end, this will probably end up being nothing more than an inconvenience to Spencer, as he can repair it with just a few clicks if he has enough materials in his inventory. He can switch servers too if he really wants to, but I expect he may encounter this a few times over the coming weeks.

Some say it was a waste for the player, who will have invested a lot of loot and materials into making the nuke, that they could have used on something else. Not me though, I love it. It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message.

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