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Sol’s RNG is a combat experience in Roblox where you explore various biomes, complete quests, and roll for auras. While the main idea is to gain auras through your rolls and craft items, learning how to get started or where to find rare auras is tricky. Checking out the Sol’s RNG Trello and Discord server is a great way to talk to community members and learn more, especially if you’re just starting or need a quick refresher.

How to join the Sol’s RNG Trello

Sols’ RNG has a Trello page where you can view information about its gameplay features, including various biomes, auras, and items. As new updates release and Sol’s RNG enters new eras, you’ll find more details about the game you may initially miss while playing.

However, there is one problem. Currently, the Sol’s RNG Trello is no longer available to the public, meaning you won’t be able to use it to learn more about the game. 

While it’s unknown whether this is a permanent change, you’ll have to find other means of finding the answers to your questions. Fortunately, there are other resources you can use, such as official Sol’s RNG Discord servers.

How to join the Sol’s RNG Discord server

The Sol’s RNG Discord server allows you to talk to other players in real time, ask questions, and participate in events like giveaways. You’ll also find channels tracking future Era progress, submitting ideas for auras, or looking for private servers if you want to make new friends.

Sol's RNG Discord server
Screenshot by Destructoid via Sol’s RNG Discord

However, you’ll have to verify your account before accessing the full server. Here are the steps to verifying your account for the Sol’s RNG Discord server:

  1. Join the Sol’s RNG Discord.
  2. Head to #verification and use the Rover link to connect it to your Discord.
  3. Link your Roblox account to your Discord.
  4. Click the Update my Roles button in #verification.

You’ll unlock the rest of the server after verifying your account. By doing this, you’ll find other players actively talking in the chats alongside voice channels if you prefer speaking to others verbally. You can also use the server to ask for updates about the Trello board, past or current Sol’s RNG codes, or questions about a tricky gameplay mechanic.

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