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Seekers of Skyveil convinced me the extraction genre isn’t just for shooters anymore



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I feel for the folks at Elodie Games who have to try to describe succinctly what’s going on in Seekers of Skyveil, the California-based developer’s first game. At first glance, it looks like a MOBA, specifically League of Legends, which a few of the developers have previously worked on: heroes battle on isometric plains and level up by killing monsters. But at any point in a match, they can take their stuff and leave early. Not because they’re sore losers, but because Seekers of Skyveil is one of the first extraction games that isn’t a shooter.

“If you look at tags on Steam, it just says ‘extraction shooter’ there’s no actual ‘extraction’ tag,” Athena Dai, the game’s technical game designer, points out in the first Seekers of Skyveil developer update video. “But I feel like that fundamental extraction game loop can do so much more.”

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