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Red Dead Redemption may actually be coming to PC after 14 years



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If you’d told me back in 2010 that Red Dead Redemption would take 14 years to release on PC, I would have been happy: the world still has at least 14 years left in the tank! But then I probably would have grown annoyed: 14 years to play a PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 game on PC? It’s simply unfair.

New evidence suggests a Red Dead Redemption PC port is imminent. Famed GTA dataminer Tez2 posted new code from the Rockstar launcher site today, and it doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. Among the code is the following quote: “Journey across the sprawling expanses of the American West and Mexico in Red Dead Redemption, and its zombie-horror companion, Undead Nightmare, now playable on PC.”

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