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President of Xbox asked about the closure of Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks, spends close to a minute saying almost nothing



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The recent closures of Arkane Austin (Dishonoured, Prey) and Tango Gameworks (Hi-Fi Rush) have sent ripples throughout the gaming industry. Arkane has a beloved library of games, but recently flubbed on Redfall—while Tango seems unceremoniously shuttered after the comparative success of its most recent title. 

Microsoft’s messaging on exactly why Tango Gameworks was shut down is…. Well, it’s mixed to say the least. In the initial internal email, Xbox’s Matt Booty signalled a desire to focus on “blockbuster” hits and Bethesda games. Then, in a later town hall, Booty argued that Xbox as a brand needed to develop smaller games that would win the company more awards. As many have pointed out over the past week, that’s pretty much what Hi-Fi Rush was. 

Said statement even prompted Tango’s Game Project Manager Kazuaki Egashira to tweet out a devastatingly simple “Not enough?” with a picture of the various awards Hi-Fi Rush had gathered.

A post on Twitter/X reading:

(Image credit: @ega1002 on Twitter/X.)

There’s a bit of nuance to be found there, in fairness. Hi-Fi Rush certainly wasn’t ‘small indie’ in terms of its cost, as per the developers themselves—and it had a larger team towards the tail-end of its development. But it did absolutely start small, and it did absolutely win awards. 

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