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Point-and-click horror Tales from Candleforth is the escape room equivalent of your childhood nightmares



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Puzzle-solving point-and-click game Tales from Candleforth appears to tell a story stripped straight from a Grimm fairytale, but as you progress through its story and begin to unravel the truth, a far darker and more graphic tale unfolds. For fans of games like Little Nightmares, Bramble: The Mountain King, and Sally Face, Candleforth will feel familiar with its ability to tap into fears you would’ve had as a child. The story that unfolds will stick with you long after you finish the final chapter. 

When your grandmother suddenly goes missing, you—as the intuitive and strong-willed yet still uncertain Sarah—decide to take it upon yourself to find her. Clues found in her room suggest that she is still alive, which is all the motivation you need to start sniffing around to see what else you can find—suddenly you’re unravelling a world of occultism and horror. What starts as a twisted yet whimsical adventure suddenly churns itself into a dark, inescapable reflection of what would’ve petrified me as a child—towering figures with pointed fangs and dark forests that make you feel completely isolated. And yet I felt obligated to keep pushing through to try and find my missing grandmother.

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