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One of my most anticipated upcoming RPGs doesn’t just have a fishing minigame⁠—it has a full 3D aquarium where you can view your biggest catches and learn fantasy fish ‘lore’



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Upcoming action RPG Mortal Crux is a game that always seems to have transformed in strange and unexpected ways every time I check in on it. Case and point: its full 3D in-game aquarium for communing with the fruits of a disquietingly extensive fishing minigame.

This isn’t even supposed to be a fishing RPG⁠—the quickest sell I’d make for Mortal Crux is that it looks like Divinity: Original Sin, but as an action RPG instead of turn-based. Developer Jesse Walker has a similarly whimsical sensibility and eye for detail to Larian, with environmental destruction, physics based puzzles, and elemental knock-on effects galore spicing up soulslike hack n’ slash combat, and you’ll be able to experience it all in up to four-player co-op.

(Image credit: Jesse Walker)

But everything’s better with a fishing minigame, and as we covered back in our PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted showcase in November, Mortal Crux will be tying the feature into a full-on fishing-focused questline.

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