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Monopoly GO’s Robo Partners event could be the easiest yet with Scopely’s day one currency gift – Destructoid



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Monopoly GO’s Robo Partners event debuted today, with opportunities for players to get wild stickers, an exclusive Penguin board token, and other useful rewards. Following the previous Parade Partners event’s mishaps and dice gift, Robo Partners looks promising on its first day, with no signs of past point tracking bugs and a sizable currency gift from Scopely to celebrate its launch.

Scopely’s Robo Partners gift, announced earlier today through official social media channels, includes 1,000 batteries, the event’s currency you use to spin your robot’s points wheel to progress through its reward milestones. Anyone who logs on during the Robo Partners event, including you and your partners, will receive this currency, allowing you to advance through the event without gaining batteries from other sources.

Monopoly GO Robo Partners announcement in the official Discord
Image via Monopoly GO Discord

Scopely’s May 16 announcement doesn’t dive into why 1,000 batteries were released for this particular event outside of helping you get started. It also doesn’t require you to answer trivia questions or win a giveaway; you can enter Monopoly GO immediately and find your reward as a pop-up message, even as a newer player. Although some community members reported slight delays with receiving the gift, there are no requirements for claiming the Robo Partners event currency.

Monopoly GO Robo Partners 1,000 batteries gift
Screenshot by Destructoid

While 1,000 batteries isn’t quite enough to complete one of your four partner robots, it can help you progress through the beginning reward tiers, potentially pushing you into later milestone levels if you’re lucky. You can also combine these with tokens you get from any ongoing banner events and tournaments to gain extra points wheel spins or raise your multipliers.

It’s currently unknown whether there’ll be any follow-up announcements regarding this partner event or its rewards. However, with the point tracking bug fixed during the last Partners event, you can use them as soon as you claim them.

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