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Missing head fix, better server connections, and more



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Since its launch, Gray Zone Warfare has encountered a number of bugs, some of which have significantly impacted gameplay. One of the most notable issues has been with character appearances, where players have found themselves either pantless or headless on the battlefield. It’s certainly an interesting sight to behold, but fortunately, the new update aims to keep your head and clothes intact. So, let’s dive into the Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix 3 patch notes. 

All GZW Hotfix 3 changes

Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix 3 is here, and it’s bringing some exciting changes. It finally addresses the lost head issue that has been plaguing many players (myself included). Not only does it resolve the head’s disappearing act, but it also restores clothes and secure containers.

In the past, players have logged back in only to find that their entire inventory has been wiped out. These lost items will now appear in Handshake’s messages, so make sure to touch base with him. There still seems to be an issue with quest rewards, though, as several users have yet to claim them. You may need to initiate a character wipe to fix it, which was first introduced in Hotfix 2.

If you’ve been missing items from the Edition packs, the patch has restored this content. Additionally, you’ll notice a marked improvement with servers as the patch fixes crashing and connection problems. This means it should now be easier for you to search for friends online and join already-running servers. 

To ensure the update has gone through, exit your base camp and restart Steam. A new patch should be ready to download once you open up the platform. You can check out the complete Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix 3 patch notes down below:

Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix 3 patch notes


  • [FIXED] An issue that prevented players from canceling matchmaking
  • [FIXED] A crash in the friends panel when searching for friends
  • [FIXED] A common UI crash
  • [FIXED] Several other, more general client and server crashes
  • [FIXED] An issue where players lost their head, clothes, or containers after rejoining a server
  • [FIXED] An issue where the DLC apparel would appear in the stash after claiming


  • [CHANGED] Optimized server connections to prioritize joining already running servers

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