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Meet one of the last positive communities left in gaming



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In a job like this, you spend a lot of time looking through different online gaming communities, hunting for news, stories, and the atmosphere around a game. From Reddit to Facebook to Discord, from multiplayer shooters to competitive card games to roguelikes, there’s only one constant: everyone’s always complaining.

Okay, not quite everyone, but negativity predominates far more than it should. For every one cheerful post about how much fun someone’s having with a game, there’ll be ten complaining about buffs and nerfs, whipping up conspiracy theories about the developers, chiding other players for their behaviour, or claiming the game was better at some unspecified point in the past. Almost every game community across the internet is like this. With one notable exception.

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For years now, in my stormy feed of Call of Duty players screaming about the latest gun and Hearthstone players declaring the meta dead for good this time, there’s been this one consistent bright spot—a bunch of dwarf miners cheerfully shouting “Rock and stone!”. Through thick and thin, the community around co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic has been a haven of positivity. Sure, they have their problems with updates and balance changes sometimes, but on the whole they spend their time sharing memes, offering advice to “Greenbeards” (newcomers), telling funny stories of their experiences in the game, and posting screenshots of vaguely phallic ore formations. 

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