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Magic’s most-valuable card hits an absurd $3 million after ‘private sale’, some call shenanigans, no one knows what’s real, but what’s true is it was bought with bitcoin



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In January 2021, Magic: The Gathering had one of those moments that went mainstream. The sale of a single Black Lotus card, an extreme rarity from the game’s first-ever set of cards, reached a final amount of $511,100 in an eBay auction. Previous examples of the Alpha Black Lotus (the first series of MTG cards is called the Alpha series) had gone for as much as $250K, but this more than doubled the record and the general reaction was of astonishment. Not that Magic: The Gathering cards can be valuable, that’s long-established, but that a single card could ever be worth half-a-million dollars plus change.

That particular trade was given legitimacy by the organiser, trading card investment firm and exchange PWCC, which regularly handles sales across various CCGs for high-value cards. But now an Alpha Black Lotus has apparently been sold, per the Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), for 3 million dollars. This sixfold jump in value, nevermind the headline figure, has the community in a mix of shock, disbelief, and wondering just what the heck is up.

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