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LEGO Fortnite’s May 14 patch brings major buffs to tools and materials – Destructoid



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While there wasn’t a full Fortnite patch on May 14 like many believed there would be, LEGO Fortnite received a pretty major surprise update that buffed both weapon durability and how much Wood and Stone you can get from structures.

The beauty of LEGO Fortnite is the ability to build and design the world you want to see and it now includes Star Wars-themed structures if you want to give a more futuristic look to your island. To build these structures, however, you need to gather resources, which can be a little tedious.

Thankfully, that process may have just gotten a little easier, thanks to a surprise Fortnite update that was discovered by dataminer iFireMonkey.

A Peely running with a Lightsaber in LEGO Fortnite
Building structures will now cost less. Image via Epic Games

LEGO Fortnite May 14 patch notes

LEGO Fortnite‘s May 14 patch does two important things: Buffs the durability of six tools in the game, and increases the amount of Wood and Stone that farmable structures will drop when destroyed.

This means not only can you mine more structures with your tools as they won’t break as easily, but you will get more for your effort too. It’s a resounding win/win if I ever heard one. Check out the values below thanks to iFireMonkey.


  • Common Axe: 80 to 210
  • Uncommon Axe: 210 to 360
  • Rare Axe: 360 to 510
  • Common Pickaxe: 60 to 100
  • Uncommon Pickaxe: 100 to 265
  • Rare Pickaxe: 265 to 375

Farmable Structures

  • Small Wood: 3 to 4
  • Medium Wood: 5 to 6
  • Large Wood: 7 to 9
  • Small Stone: 3 to 5
  • Medium Stone: 7 to 9
  • Large Stone: 10 to 13
  • Very Large Stone: 15 to 19
  • Small Plant: 1 to 2
  • Medium Plant: 3 to 4
  • Large Plant: 3 to 4

For more, learn how to build a Rebel Workbench in LEGO Fortnite.

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