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Journeying into The Cradle in Thief: Deadly Shadows



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We’re digging into the PC Gamer magazine archives to publish pieces from years gone by. This article was originally published in PC Gamer issue 146, March 2005.


The following forms a journey into one of the most brilliant and disturbing levels ever committed to PC. If you’ve played The Cradle—Thief: Deadly Shadows’ centrepiece level— then don’t hang back. The secrets and hidden stories of this house of hell are explored, analysed and constructed into something that will hopefully enhance and illuminate the experience you’ve had. If you’ve never played The Cradle, and have no plans to ever do so, then rush right in, and more fool you. If you’ve never played The Cradle, but plan to… be careful. This opening contains spoilers. The mapped section should be viewed in the same way as a walkthrough for a game you haven’t played. The interview with Jordan ‘Null’ Thomas, The Cradle’s designer, should be safe. You have been warned.

It’s too late to run. Running from The Cradle is like running from the air around you. People bandy the word “immersive” around when discussing videogames, but miss the subtext of what they’re really talking about. To be immersed is to be surrounded and submerged, thrust into a new context. If The Cradle is about anything, it’s immersion. Your head pushed beneath murky waters until you choke and drown.

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