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Jake Arrieta confirmed as new legend in MLB The Show 24



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San Diego Studio rolled out a new live content update for MLB The Show 24, including a 99 overall legend card for Jake Arrieta. Here is everything you need to know about adding the pitcher to your rotation.

As part of the Team Affinity Season 1 Chapter 3 program, San Diego Studio added a 99 overall card in Diamond Dynasty for all 30 MLB teams. This includes exciting players like Cliff Lee, Gary Carter, and more. The live content update also added new season rewards, an event, Battle Royale rewards, and a 99 overall CC Sabathia card as a collection award. MLB The Show 24 put a ribbon on the large update by also introducing a new legend.

How to get 99 overall Jake Arrieta in MLB The Show 24

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Players can acquire 99 overall Jake Arrieta in MLB The Show 24 by unlocking the World Series pack in Ranked. To do this, they must climb the ranks and increase their Rating to 900. Rating is earned by winning matches in Ranked. If players struggle to meet the requirement for World Series rank, they can also unlock Arrieta through the Ranked program reward path by earning 100 Program Stars, which are earned by completing innings and accumulating stats such as strikeouts, extra base hits, hits, and more.

There are only four other starting pitchers on the Marketplace, meaning you should focus on unlocking this card if possible. If you already have a strong rotation, the World Series choice pack also has 99 overall Jorge Posada as an option. The switch-hitting catcher has some of the best-hitting stats in the game mode and would easily crack anyone’s lineup. In saying that, the 99 velocity and break combination for Arrieta is hard to pass up.

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