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It looks like Helldivers 2 has a new infinite grenade glitch



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It seems that every time a new update rolls out in Helldivers 2, something else breaks. Whether it’s crashing, weird clipping issues, or a more favorable exploit, defending democracy reveals the issue fast. And it looks like, as of May 10, there’s a new infinite glitch that gives players limitless grenades in Helldivers 2.

If you’re running into players blowing up the entire playing field with an endless supply of grenades, that’s not a hack, but it’s an exploit using the Stratagem menu. It works similarly to when there was an earlier instance of this exploit before the Polar Patriots Warbond came out.

When Helldivers 2 launched, one exploit allowed players to carry four of the same Stratagem and call them in over each other during a mission. For example, you could bring in four 380mm HE Barrages to a game and have four of them active in one session. Unfortunately, that was patched.

Then we had the infinite grenade glitch that was patched in late April where Arrowhead “fixed an exploit that allowed overly eager Helldivers to use grenades excessively”. The party had to end at some point because it got ridiculous to have an infinite amount of ‘nades for all missions with such an easy exploit. So with a new infinite grenade glitch out there, how do you perform this?

How to perform the new infinite grenade glitch in Helldivers 2

To perform the new infinite grenade glitch, do the following:

  • Press and hold the button to swap to your grenade
  • While holding the button, quickly tap your Stratagem menu a few times
  • Spam all of your grenades until reaching zero
  • On your throw for the last grenade, quickly tap the Stratagem menu a few times and press the button to toss a grenade

If done correctly, your grenade count should be at some ridiculously high number like 4,294,967,296. Every time I tested it, my grenade count somehow went close to 4.3 billion.

Can you get banned for this glitch?

Technically, you can’t get banned for using the grenade glitch. This is just based on it being used quite a lot in the previous patch. It is a PvE game, so there is no competitive advantage for doing this.

However, it’s advised that you do not go around doing this in public lobbies. With there being a possible lack of communication, you run the chance of killing other teammates. If you get reported for griefing and they see a ridiculously high grenade count in your inventory, it’ll be easier to make an example out of you.

So, if you want to once again be an “overly eager” Helldiver, do this only in solo or private lobbies to be on the safe side. This is definitely going to be patched soon.

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