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Intel pressures all motherboard manufacturers to implement default power settings by the end of May



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The issue of instability with some 13th and 14th Gen CPUs has been bubbling away for some time. It began with reports of game and application crashes, and even reports of BSODs in various forums across the internet. The i9 13900K, i9 14900K and their KS counterparts are far more likely to experience these issues than i5 and i7 SKUs, and these issues have been narrowed down to what can essentially be termed as unstable automatic overclocking. The chips in question just can’t handle what’s being asked of them.

For many years, Intel has allowed motherboard manufacturers to take liberties with various power settings, by allowing them to set short term and long term power limits well above the so-called default values. This delivers higher performance, which Intel and its partners are happy with.

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