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How to unlock weapon prestige camos in Modern Warfare 3 – Destructoid



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One new feature that may have slipped under your radar with the recent Season 3 Reloaded update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are the weapon prestige camos. These new camos are unlockable in-game by anyone, not for purchase. So when you see someone with a shiny gold-leafed gun you’ve never seen before, here’s how to unlock it yourself.

How to get weapon prestige camos unlocked

How to get weapon prestige camos in modern warfare 3
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Weapon prestige camos in Modern Warfare 3 are unlocked by doing one thing: using a gun a lot. The only way to get the one available camo right now is to earn a tremendous amount of XP with a single weapon. Doing so will unlock the camo just for that weapon. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to earn that XP repeatedly for every weapon you want the camo on.

The ‘One Trick’ gold camo can be found and tracked under the ‘Weapon Prestige’ tab while viewing a weapon’s camo options. It’s unlocked by completing a challenge, which is to earn 150,000 weapon XP. Though it sounds like a lot, if you play the game fairly often and always use the same weapon, it won’t take too long. Unlocking it for every other weapon, however, might be a bit of a grind.

Can you unlock the classified weapon prestige camos?

While viewing the weapon prestige camos for a weapon, you can see there are a few more listed. Though each one is blocked out with ‘Classified’ written over it. When hovering over each of these options, it says they’ll become available in future seasons. It looks like we’ll get a single weapon prestige camo per season, as one says Season 4, another Season 5, and so on.

For now, the One Trick weapon prestige camo is the only one you can earn by getting 150,000 XP per weapon. XP is earnable faster by completing challenges with the weapon of your choosing, which includes challenges for other camos on each weapon, if you don’t already have them all.

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