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Stardew Valley is filled with quests to complete and secrets to find, some of which unlock new areas to explore. One of these new areas, the Witch’s Swamp, not only unlocks new sights but also new features. Here’s how to unlock it. 

Before you can trigger the quest that unlocks the Witch’s Swamp, you’ll need to have either completed the Community Center bundles or the Joja Warehouse tasks. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to wait for a cutscene in the Mountains to play one night after you retire to bed. 

How to complete Dark Talisman in Stardew Valley

The Wizard in Stardew Valley
Screenshot by Destructoid

After the Mountain cutscene, you’ll receive a letter from the Wizard in the mail. His ex-wife, also known as the Witch, has some magic ink in her house that needs to be retrieved. Unfortunately, you can’t just rock up to the Witch’s Hut and ask for it back – you need to find the Dark Talisman first, which will grant you access to the Swamp. 

To complete the Dark Talisman, you’ll need to first talk to Krobus. He can unlock a door within the Sewers that leads to the Mutant Bug Lair. Head inside, and you’ll find the Dark Talisman after battling through, as the name suggests, some mutant bugs. 

Once you’ve got the Dark Talisman, head north to the Railroad area and find the cave in the top right corner. You’ll be able to place the Talisman on the artifact blocking the entrance and proceed through the cave. 

Make sure to take some Void Mayonnaise with you when you enter the Swamp. You’ll need to give it to the Witch’s Henchman, completing another quest called Goblin Problem and allowing you further into the Swamp. Head into the Witch’s Hut and you’ll find the magic ink on a table, which you can pick up and return to the Wizard to complete Dark Talisman.

What to do at the Witch’s Swamp in Stardew Valley

Shrines inside the Witch's Hut in Stardew Valley
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There are a few things that you can do once you’ve gained access to the Witch’s Swamp. There are a couple of fish there, Void Salmon and Catfish. Void Salmon don’t spawn anywhere else, and Catfish only appear on rainy days. 

The main draw of the Witch’s Swamp, though, is the Witch’s Hut itself. Inside, you’ll find three different shrines, all of which are useful in a different way and need a specific offering to use:

Shrine Effect Required offering
Dark Shrine of Memory Erases the memory of all past spouses (including Krobus), allowing you to build relationships with them again. 30,000 Gold
Dark Shrine of Selfishness Turns any existing children into doves, permanently removing them from a playthrough 1 Prismatic Shard
Dark Shrine of Night Terrors You can use this shrine to toggle monsters appearing on your farm at night on and off. Works on all farm maps. 1 Strange Bun (per use)

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