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How to summon Andariel in Diablo 4



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While playing season four of Diablo 4, you might find yourself wanting to try out the new endgame boss, Andariel. She may not be a giant maggot, but she’s similar to her brother boss, Duriel, in other ways; she’s level 100, only available in Torment world tier, and has exactly the same loot table.

Why don’t I just fight reliable ol’ Duriel then? Well, that’s because Andariel requires different materials and hence means you have to fight different bosses, so might be more convenient to access if you’re not just farming Varshan and Grigoire constantly. Also after season two’s uber rate boost, I think we’re all pretty sick of looking at Duriel’s rotten mug. So, here’s how to get the materials you need and summon Andariel.

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