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How to get the silver key in Crow Country



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Crow Country’s various wings (heh) and storerooms are often locked behind keyholes of varying value: bronze, silver, and gold. The mid-game silver key has a few requirements that are sure to spoil things if you aren’t far enough along, so read on with caution.

To get the silver key in Crow Country, you’re going to need three core items that can be found in the midsection of the game:

  • The Crank, accessed from the vault beyond the Crypt (code 1872)
  • The Ruby, found in Haunted Manor demon painting (this requires the crank to access via the clocks)
  • The Chain, accessed from the Swan Boats puzzle, which requires the ruby to be inserted into the swan head to gain control of the ride controls

With these components in hand, head to the Dig Site, which can be accessed by using the bronze key on the mailbox outside the entrance. Inside, grab the gasoline tank from the corner of the room and use it to fill the tank behind the torch. Use the crank to fill the hole with water, then use the crane by attaching the chain to its gears. This will lift a resin-coated mask to the surface, which can be freed by using the torch.

Mask in hand, head to the Witch Wood and open the entrance by slotting it into the right indentation. Inside, you’ll find a labyrinth which can be completed by whacking totems to lower barriers. This isn’t too difficult, and there’s no limit on how many times you can hit each. Be sure to watch your head for falling traps, though.

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Once you’re in the middle, grab the key from the pond and get ready for a fight. The barriers will all lower, but enemies will begin to enter the maze. Exit the labyrinth by slaying foes and enjoy trying to remember where it was you needed to use this silver key in Crow Country.

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