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How to get the Shotgun Vendetta Arcane in Warframe



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Mods are Warframe’s best way to increase the power of your gear, though Arcanes are incredibly important as well. While each piece of gear can only have 1-2 Arcanes equipped, those Arcanes can add a ton of damage or provide some form of utility that you’ll soon learn to live without. One such Arcane is incredible for shotguns but is very difficult to acquire. Here’s how to get the Shotgun Vendetta Arcane in Warframe.

Where to find the Shotgun Vendetta Arcane in Warframe

Warframe Acrithis
Image via Destructoid.

The Shotgun Vendetta Arcane is mainly acquired through speaking with Acrithis. They’re either found at the end of every run of Duviri near the exit portal or can be found through the Dormizone section of the Zariman Ten-Zero ship. When speaking with them, there’s a chance that their shop (which rotates daily) has the Shotgun Vendetta Arcane available for purchase for 10 Pathos Clamps.

If they don’t have one for purchase, then you can check the Steel Path variant of the Circuit game mode to see if one of the possible rewards on the track is the Shotgun Vendetta Arcane. To unlock Steel Path, you must complete every node on the Star Chart excluding the Jordas Golem and Mutalist Alad V Assassinate missions. If it’s not there, your last bet is to farm the Undercroft portals in the Steel Path version of Duviri.

All of this is to say that the Shotgun Vendetta Arcane is quite difficult to get. Not only are you depending on RNG, but the Steel Path aspect of most ways to get it makes it a challenge if you don’t have top-tier gear.

Is the Shotgun Vendetta Arcane worth using?

With the Shotgun Vendetta Arcane equipped, killing any enemy within five meters grants a maximum of 180% Multishot and 75% Reload Speed for 15 seconds. Killing enemies with the buff active refreshes the duration. If you’re going for a Multishot build with your shotgun, this makes this Arcane extremely valuable. However, you’ll need 21 of this Arcane to get this effect. That will take a long, long time to get.

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