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Getting weary of the pistol in Crow Country? It can feel like you’re married to it considering how long it remains your only friend. You even find a lot of shotgun ammo scattered around the early areas, but where is your pump-action pal?

You come close to finding a shotgun in the Haunted Hilltop area. In The Crypt, you’re threatened by one held by an animatronic hand, but when you attempt to take it, it breaks apart and Mara mentions that it’s plastic. That’s not the shotgun, don’t worry. You didn’t do something wrong and broke it.

You find the real shotgun after you reach the Ocean Kingdom section of the park (West of the crow’s house). When you get to that area, there’s a little submarine on the south side that you enter. The room you find yourself in is a save room.

Crow Country Shotgun game
Screenshot by Destructoid

How to solve the Ocean Kingdom sea creature puzzle

In Crow Country’s submarine room, there’s a little cabinet with the shotgun locked inside. In order to open it, you need to play a game on the south side of the submarine. In this game, you shoot animatronic sea creatures which will add and subtract from your score. There are little toy guns there, but since they don’t work, you’ll be using your pistol.

The goal is to get your score to 21. There is a sign there that tells you the value of all the sea creatures. For posterity, it says this:

  • Octopus: Plus 2
  • Shark: Plus 6
  • Jellyfish: Minus 5
  • Dolphin: Minus 3
  • Pufferfish: Multiply by 2
  • Turtle: Reset to zero

There isn’t a maximum number of moves you make, so if you don’t want to do the math (I wouldn’t blame you), you can just keep adjusting up and down until you hit 21. However, another way to avoid math is finding a letter elsewhere in the game that gives the advice to use the combination:

  • Shark, Shark, Shark, Shark, Dolphin.

However, that’s not the only way to get to 21, that’s just a simple way. You could also do this to save a bullet:

  • Shark, Shark, Pufferfish, Dolphin

Once your score reaches exactly 21, the cabinet will unlock and the shotgun will be yours. Its ammunition is buckshot, so it has a spray to it. However, if you use it at close range, it will do massive damage to enemies. After the shotgun, you will eventually find the magnum and the flamethrower to round out your arsenal.

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