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How to get the Sally pistols weapon blueprint in Warzone



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Warzone has added the iconic Akimbo pistols from the Call of Duty: Black Ops cover into ground loot, fueling the fire that a new Black Ops series entry is due next. And while you can’t get your hands on that just yet, you can get the Sally pistols blueprint.

It’s not a big chore, but there’s a few specifics on the easiest path forward. Here’s how to find and permanently unlock the Sally pistol camo in Warzone.

How to get the Sally pistols in Warzone

The Sally pistol weapon blueprint can be found in red loot crates on Resurgence maps or Urzikstan. After acquiring the blueprint, players must get one kill with the Akimbo pistols to unlock the camo permanently. Unlocking the Sally pistols will be easier in Resurgence because it’s possible to respawn. So even if you aren’t the one to loot the camo, it’s possible to take them out and loot it off their body.

Players are more than welcome to complete the challenge on Urzikstan, but if you die, you will need to win a gulag match to have another chance, and most gunfights on the map take place in longer ranges than the pistol’s short-range comfort range of 0-10 meters. It’s unclear if players can unlock the weapon blueprint in Modern Warfare 3.

Warzone’s wink-and-nod may signal more than a Black Ops tribute

CoD content creator Oceane posted a clip finding the Sally pistols during a Warzone match on Rebirth Island. Treyarch responded to the video with the eyes emoji, indicating this new weapon blueprint could be a teaser for the next CoD title, as some players suspect.

Based on everything known, all signs point to 2024’s Call of Duty being a new Black Ops series entry developed by Treyarch. The next CoD will reportedly be set in the Gulf War, “with a strong focus on the CIA,” according to Insider Gaming. This is Treyarch’s first mainline franchise entry since Black Ops Cold War in 2020, and will reportedly launch in October. Microsoft locked in the date for a showcase event in June, which will allegedly put the spotlight on the upcoming CoD title, but it appears that Treyarch is getting a head start.

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