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How to get the Proboscis Cernos in Warframe



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If you’ve been playing Warframe for some time now, you know getting certain weapons can be more painful than others. Sometimes you need to get a prerequisite weapon that goes into the crafting of another, sometimes it’s a part that has a low chance to drop from a particularly long farming mission. Other times, it’s this bow. Here’s how to get the Proboscis Cernos in Warframe.

Where to get the Proboscis Cernos in Warframe

To get the Proboscis Cernos, you must first get the standard Cernos. The blueprint for it can be purchased from the Market, and the materials are easy to come by. All you need is some Gallium, Plastids, Polymer Bundles, and Ferrite. Once you have it crafted, max it out to Rank 30 so you can get the full Mastery for it before using it in crafting.

Next up, you need to use the Cernos to craft the Mutalist Cernos. The blueprint for it can also be bought from the Market, and requires Plastids, Cryotic, and Nano Spores alongside the Cernos. Again, remember to level this up to Rank 30 so you get full Mastery.

Then, and only then, do you have the weapon needed to craft the Proboscis Cernos. The blueprint for this, like its brethren, can be acquired from the Market. However, alongside the Mutalist Cernos you need Nitain Extract, Polymer Bundles, and Nano Spores. Once you have all that and craft it, the Proboscis Cernos is finally yours. Arguably, it’s one of the more time-consuming weapons to acquire in the game.

Is the Proboscis Cernos worth using?

The Proboscis Cernos is much stronger than either of the other bows, launching a tethering arrow that pulls nearby enemies in before exploding, dealing large amounts of Viral damage to enemies caught in the blast. It’s this unique perk that makes it a favored weapon by the community.

If you want to use it yourself, you should build it for Status Chance and various Status Effects so the explosions overload your enemies with debilitating effects. Just don’t expect a lot of damage on impact.

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