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One of the first creatures you’ll likely encounter while exploring the world of Animal Well is the Ostrich. This long-necked beast wants to eat your character, and it won’t beat around the bush. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’ll chase you, corner you, and make a light snack of you.

You might just lose your mind when you first meet the Ostrich in Animal Well. Every creature up until this point has been pretty docile, but here’s a much larger one that’ll try to stomp on you and grab you in its beak with an added advantage. Its incredibly long neck allows it to pursue you around corners as you attempt to escape it. But don’t worry—there’s an easy way to get past it.

How to get past the Ostrich in Animal Well

ostrich attacking in animal well
Image via Bigmode

To get past the Ostrich in Animal Well, you need to dive underground beneath its feet, press every button you find, and escape through the door once it’s unlocked. This is much easier said than done, much like every boss-like creature in the game, but there’s one trick you can use to ensure you get through this encounter unscathed.

There are five holes in the ground in the Ostrich room. Within these are four switches that you must press to unlock the door and escape. The Ostrich will reach down with its head and peck your last known location, so you need to time your jumps to avoid it as it does so.

Then, when the Ostrich attacks, get away from it and into one of the holes so you can find and press a button. The Ostrich’s neck will likely follow you, so get as far into the hole as possible because the creature can’t reach right into the corners.

After a short while, the Ostrich retracts its head, allowing you to escape and make a break for another hole. However, the Ostrich can trick you and push its head back down in an attempt to attack you again. Keep an eye out for what the creature is doing as you move, and you should be fine.

It took me longer than I’d like to admit to get past the Ostrich in Animal Well because I wimped out and tackled other parts of the map first. This big bird isn’t nearly as scary as it looks, but it’ll kill you if you get caught. Stick to the holes and get right into the corners. As long as you’re careful, you should unlock the door and escape in no time.

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