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How to get Observation Haki in Blox Fruits



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If you’re interested in living out the legendary anime One Piece inside of Roblox, then Blox Fruits is the game for you. You’ll sail the seas and amass plenty of great weapons and abilities like Godhuman to become one of the most fearsome players in the game.

Instinct, also known by the player base as Observation Haki, is a fantastic ability that allows you to dodge enemy attacks, see through walls and other solid surfaces, and more. This is a must-have ability in the game, especially as you progress into the Third Sea.

How to obtain Observation Haki in Blox Fruits

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  • You must be at least level 300 to get Observation Haki. Make sure you’ve made it to this level before seeking out the ability, since you won’t be able to purchase it otherwise.
  • You must have beaten Saber Expert at least once before learning Observation Haki. This boss can be found in the Jungle. Saber Expert can be a difficult boss for anyone below level 300, and impossible for anyone below level 200, as you won’t be able to deal any damage to him.
  • You need to have at least 750,000 Beli to purchase Observation Haki from the seller. If you need more money, you can use Blox Fruits codes to get more. You can also take on bosses and NPCs for extra currency, too.

Talk to Instinct Teacher

Once you’ve met the prerequisites, head to the Upper Skylands in the First Sea. Go to the second sub-island of the Upper Skylands. There, you’ll find a large temple structure. Go to the top of the structure, and this is where you’ll find the Instinct Teacher. It’s near the Thunder God boss, if you’re having trouble locating him.

Talk to the Instinct Teacher, and as long as you’ve met the requirements, you’ll be able to purchase the Observation Haki ability for 750,000 Beli. You’ll now have the Instinct ability.

With Observation Haki, you will have the ability to dodge incoming attacks from enemies, see enemies through walls and other solid surfaces, see other players and enemies from a farther distance, and see how much health enemies have. This ability is one of the best in the game, and you can advance these skills more as you earn EXP, and eventually obtain Instinct V2 while in the Third Sea for even more power. Make sure you also have a good legendary sword to go with this ability.

It’s highly recommended that you’ve got Observation Haki before heading to the Second Sea, as it proves useful for a variety of situations. As you progress further in the game, this ability becomes more and more useful, especially as you continue to gain EXP in it.

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