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A fishing mini-game is always welcome, and Stellar Blade has its own. However, if you want to catch the jumbo fish – the really big lunkers – you’re going to need some fantastic bait. Literal Fantastic Bait, because that’s what it’s called.

To actually get your hands on some Fantastic Bait, you need to finish a quest, which is appropriately called “Where is the Fantastic Bait.”

To get to this point, you first need to pick the fishing mini-game up from Clyde in the Great Desert Oasis. Afterward, you can start picking up fishing quests from the bulletin board in Xion. You then have to follow the questline of:

  • Wife’s Water Tank
  • Unforgettable Fish Dish
  • Fish Research
  • A Gift for a Fishing Maniac

How to complete the Where is the Fantastic Bait quest

To complete Where is the Fantastic Bait in Stellar Blade, you need to complete the following objective:

  • Fill in 20 entries of the Fishing Codex by catching 20 different fish, and visit Clyde
  • Gain information about the Fantastic Bait from Clyde
  • Visit Roxanne, the info dealer in Xion
  • Purchase the information about the Fantastic Bait from Roxanne

Obviously, the 20 fish is the most intensive part of this whole quest. In order to get enough, you will want to travel around to the various fishing spots throughout the world. Keep visiting Clyde to cash in your fishing points to buy different baits. Different bait in different spots will catch different fish. As long as you keep switching things up, you should have 20 fish in no time.

Once you have caught the 20 you need, visit Clyde, then go back to Xion and stop at Roxanne’s Shop. You can purchase the information on Fantastic Bait for 300G.

The information will point you to The Great Canyon in the Wasteland. What you’re actually looking for is The Plant, which is found in the Southeast of the area.

The main difficulty of The Plant is bubbles that prevent you from diving straight down. This simply forces you to take the scenic route, weaving around until you reach your destination, which is a locked container. Use the code 000βββ to unlock it and claim your prize. You can then return to the bulletin board and turn in the quest for 6000G.

With the bait, you can complete your codex. You can also visit the bulletin board again to take on “The Fish of Legends” quest.

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