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How to get Chains of Hades in Fortnite



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Fortnite offers numerous ways to change up your battles, from introducing elemental scrolls as part of the Avatar Elements event to grapplers and chains to bring the fight to you. The Chains of Hades item is one such item, and getting your hands on this epic-grade weapon is especially important if you want to complete various weekly quests.

Where to find Chains of Hades in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2

The Chains of Hades weapon can be found as floor and chest loot around the Fortnite map and by eliminating players who have it in their hotbar. While you’re not guaranteed to find it during every match, it regularly appears around the map, particularly in Grim Gate and The Underworld’s rare chests and Loot Island chests.

You’ll know you’ve encountered the Chains of Hades weapon when you see a purple epic-grade chain on the floor. Like other weapons, it’ll appear in your hotbar when you pick it up, allowing you to use it as a melee weapon or a harpoon gun-like tool for pulling players toward you.

How to pull players with the Chains of Hades

To activate the Chains of Hades’ pull ability, have the chain in your hands before holding down your aim sights button. Once you start aiming your chain toward someone, press your attack button to activate the pull. If you’re successful, you’ll bring the player toward you, making attacks with short-range weapons like a shotgun much easier to land.

Fortnite Chains of Hades attack buttons
Screenshot by Destructoid

While it doesn’t have unlimited range, you can safely bring someone down from a mountain, on top of a building, or out from behind a hiding spot if you land the attack. You can also finish quest objectives involving the Chains of Hades, making it a fun weapon to mess around with until you’re ready to get back to business and get some eliminations.

Alternatively, you can use it as a regular weapon, giving you a slightly long-range, albeit still melee, attack option. While its melee attacks may not hold up well in most gun fights, you can often catch someone by surprise or take advantage of its lack of ammo, making it a solid alternative in a close-range battle.

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