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How to get and use Whetstone in V Rising



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As a full-blooded survival game, V Rising tasks the player with securing an increasingly complex array of resources and tools to keep up with the hostilities of the world. It’s all fairly straightforward until you find yourself needing a steady supply of Whetstone, which is a tad more hands-on.

Notably, there are two different ways to get the Whetstone: one is challenging if you’re underequipped, and the other is totally random and unreliable. Whichever option you end up going with, though, it’s crucial that you stock up on as much Whetstone as possible in the early V Rising progression loop, as that’s the only way to properly start building up your castle and secure a foothold for yourself.

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How to get the Whetstone in V Rising?

So, to get Whetstone in V Rising, you can do either of the following:

  • Scour Bandit Camps wherever you find them, hoping to find some Whetstone.
  • Secure a Whetstone crafting blueprint from one of the V-Blood bosses and make as many as you need.

The good news is that, if you’re only just starting out, it only takes a little luck until you find some Whetstones lying about. The boss that has the Whetstone crafting blueprint isn’t too big of an issue, either, though you’ll obviously need to get some solid gear before taking him on. In other words, then, you’ll need to rely either on sheer luck or on your skill to get some Whetstones going, and I recommend the latter.

Where is the Whetstone Crafting Recipe?

The Whetstone Crafting Recipe is held by none other than Grayson the Armourer, as illustrated by the screenshot featured above. This is a relatively early-game boss, and you’ll need to face him in combat sooner or later if you want to progress through the game at a decent pace.

Grayson shouldn’t pose too much trouble if you’ve kept up with your gear upgrades up until that point: beating him with level 24 or 25 gear is fairly straightforward as well, and it is recommended that you use whatever spell tokens you secured up until then to unlock solid crowd control abilities to keep Grayson’s mooks at bay while you deal with him. Ice spells, in particular, should work wonders in this regard.

Once you’ve drained Grayson the Armourer dry, you’ll have access to the Whetstone Crafting Recipe:

  • 1 Copper Ingot
  • 12 Stone Dust

This nets you two Whetstones in one go, so it’s a solid investment no matter how you flip it. And, once again, you will need loads of Whetstones to keep moving upwards in V Rising‘s steep power structure.

What is the Whetstone used for in V Rising?

Whetstones are essentially a progression blocker in V Rising if you don’t have ready access to a bunch of them. The most obvious upgrade unlocked by Whetstones is the Grinder station, which allows you to create bricks and build out a proper vampire castle to hide out in.

You’ll also need a hefty number of Whetstones to unlock the ‘Merciless’ versions of Copper weaponry. The Merciless Copper Crossbow, for example, will need a whopping 12 Whetstones alone, which should illustrate our point.

Yet, once you’ve taken Grayson down a few pegs and have the Whetstone Crafting Recipe in tow, getting a solid stock of Whetstones in tow should be simple and easy.

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