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How to fish and get Rod of Fishing



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Being the Princess of the Underworld can certainly be overwhelming, especially with the lingering threat of Chronos. But, occasionally, you can enjoy the vibrant scenery, kicking back with a good ‘ole fishing rod. Here’s how to fish in Hades 2, including recipe requirements. 

How to fish in Hades 2

If you’ve been exploring Hades 2’s many realms, you’ll likely have spotted ripples in the water. You can fish here using the Rod of Fishing, which requires one Bronze and 2 Fate Fabric to build. While Fate Fabric can be purchased from the Wretched Broker, Bronze can only be found on the Surface. 

Rod of Fishing in Hades 2
Screenshot by Destructoid

Reaching the Surface is no easy feat, as Wards block it. You can unlock this formidable area with the Permeation of Witching Wards Incantation. To obtain this powerful magic, delve into our comprehensive Wards guide. 

Unfortunately, first-timers will die on the Surface shortly after arriving. But don’t worry; Moros will provide another incantation to help you survive there longer. To get the Bronze, use the Crescent Pick to mine it. 

Bronze in Hades 2
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If you are tired of always dying on the Surface, we’ve also got a survival guide on how to stay there longer. Or, you can do what I did and quickly explore around with what little life you have left. I found Bronze by the second round, so getting it early on is possible. 

With all the ingredients, use it to make and equip the Rod of Fishing in Hades 2. Try to find a fishing spot in your next playthrough. Then, initiate the activity to get some new critters. The goal here is to press the corresponding button once the lure is entirely in the water. 

You need to time it right to avoid losing out on the fish. Fortunately, more fishing spots are likely ahead for more chances. You can trade any fish with the Wretched Broker for extra Bones. The Fated List of Minor Prophecies also provides a reward when unlocking the Rod of Fishing and the other Gathering Tools. 

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