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How to empower the Cloak of Infinite Potential



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Shortly after creating a character, you’ll craft a Cloak of Infinite Potential to aid you on your Timerunning journey. This cloak will stay with you for the entire duration of the World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria event. As you’re leveling, you’ll come across Threads that grant you permanent stat bonuses. At any time you can mouse over your Timerunner’s Advantage buff to see what your stat bonuses.

You can collect threads doing various activities around Pandaria. Looting from enemies, opening Cache of Infinite Treasures, opening treasure chests, flying through Bronze Orbs, completing dungeons, and more. Basically anything that gives a reward has a chance to give a thread. What kind of thread depends on your level. The stat that will be buffed is in the name of the thread you earn. For example, Thread of Stamina will give you a stamina buff, based on what rank it is.

Character Level Type of Thread Stat Bonus
1-29 Common Thread +1 Stats
30-49 Uncommon Thread +3 Stats
50-64 Rare Threads +7 Stats
65-70 Epic Threads +12 Stats

As you rank up your cloak, you’ll get achievements to mark your progress. Each rank of Infinite Power you get grants a bonus to your other characters, making leveling even easier for them. The final rank is at 4200 threads, and it grants you a toy for each of the August Celestial cape effects.

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