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How to complete Tools of the Trade in Gray Zone Warzone



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The first task you can get for the vendor Artisan in Gray Zone Warfare is Tools of the Trade. For the Tools of the Trade task, Artisan wants you to head into a dangerous are full of enemies in the local town and acquire some tools she needs to get some work done around base camp. This is how you can complete the Tools of the Trade task for Artisan in Gray Zone Warfare and where you can find the tools.

You can complete Tools of the Trade by finding the tools in a guarded building next to the Construction Site in the local town. If you look immediately next to the building under construction at the construction site, you’ll notice a small grayish-blueish 1-story building with a metal roof as pictured in the screenshot at the top of this guide. Take out the enemies nearby and head inside the building. The tools are inside the Artisan’s Toolbox sitting on the table next to the lamp. Hold the ‘F’ key to pick up the Artisan’s Toolbox which will require a 2×2 space in your inventory.

Here is where you can find the guarded building holding the Artisan’s Toolbox you need based on your faction:

  • Mithras Security Systems – 170, 117 in the town of Nam Thaven
  • Crimson Shield International – 141, 163 in the town of Kiu Vongsa
  • Lamang Recovery Initiative – 202, 162 in the town of Pha Lang

With the Artisan’s Toolbox in hand, it’s time to safely return to base camp. Be careful not do die on the way, as doing so will cause you to lose the Artisan’s Toolbox and you will have to abandon this task and start over from scratch.

Once you’re back at base camp, hold the Tab key to open your UI and speak to the vendor Artisan. Under her Tasks, you should see the quest objective for Tools of the Trade is updated and you can now click a yellow button to hand over the Artisan’s Toolbox. Handing over the tools will complete the Tools of the Trade task and Artisan will give you the following rewards:

  • 1x AKMN Weapon, an upgraded version of the standard AK47
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Reputation with Artisan

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