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How to complete the Button-Maker duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley



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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Parks Fest event has you searching around your village for buttons, which you then use to create decorative popcorn buckets. Along the way, you’ll have to make some buttons yourself, but figuring out how to do this is initially challenging. Fortunately, you’ll get some fun rewards once you figure it out.

Button-Maker duty guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Completing the Button-Maker duty during the Dreamlight Parks Fest event requires creating 20 purple buttons in your crafting table using blue and red buttons. Below are the exact crafting materials for one purple button:

  • Blue Button (1)
  • Red Button (2)
  • Dreamlight (100)
Disney Dreamlight Valley purple button crafting menu
Screenshot by Destructoid

In other words, you’ll need 20 blue buttons, 40 red ones, and 2,000 Dreamlight for all 20 purple buttons. Once you have these required items, head into your crafting table and scroll through the Functional Items category until you find the purple button option. You can make as you can from here, with the twentieth finishing your Dreamlight duty. 

Once you have made all 20 purple buttons, go back to your Dreamlight duties menu and find the task to claim your cosmetic reward. 

Finding red and blue buttons

The hardest part of making purple buttons is getting enough blue and red buttons. Red buttons spawn on the ground outside villager houses, while blue buttons are a potential fishing drop. 

With red buttons, your best bet for finding both is to watch the ground as you run around your village in case some randomly spawn around, especially since they can appear in any biome. If you’re hunting for blue buttons, focus on white fishing circles, as these are the only types that spawn them. 

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