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How to complete Shooting Gallery in Gray Zone Warfare



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Shortly after unlocking the Hunter’s Paradise LZ and completing True Grit, Handshake will give you the task Shooting Gallery. This task is similar to a previous Handsake task titled Restoring Order. Here is how to complete the Shooting Gallery task for Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare and where you need to go to find the correct enemies.

Where to eliminate hostiles at Hunter's Paradise
Screenshot by Destructoid

Where to eliminate hostiles at Hunter’s Paradise

You can complete the Shooting Gallery task for Handshake by heading north to Hunter’s Paradise and killing any 20 hostile enemies in the area. Once you’ve got the Shooting Gallery task, take a chopper to the northernmost Foxtrot 1 LZ near Hunter’s Paradise. When the chopper lands, head west and you will start encountering enemies scattered throughout all of Hunter’s Paradise. The screenshot above shows the location in which you can find the hostiles you need to eliminate for the Shooting Gallery task.

All of the hostile enemies that you kill in and around the Motel, Shooting Lanes, and Dumping Grounds of Hunter’s Paradise count for this task, as well as those in the little shacks around the area in the woods. These enemies are a bit tougher than those in the starter towns, and you’ll also have to contend with other players as this is a frequent PvP zone.

It may take more than a single sweep, but eventually, you will eliminate 20 hostiles in Hunter’s Paradise which will complete the Shooting Gallery task. Head back to the Foxtrot 1 LZ and take a chopper back to base camp. Once you arrive in base camp hit the Tab key to open your UI and click on the Vendors tab and talk to Handshake. Click the yellow Complete button in the bottom right corner and the Shooting Gallery task will complete.

Handshake will give you the following rewards for completing Shooting Gallery:

  • 1x M4A1 with attachments
  • $3,900
  • 1,000 Experience
  • 150 Reputation with Handshake

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