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How to complete On The Range in Gray Zone Warfare



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After completing some tasks for Gunny, he’ll give you the task On The Range, requesting that you scout out an enemy complex called Hunter’s Paradise. This is one of the first PvPvE areas in Gray Zone Warfare, so expect to run into other players. This is where you need to scout out in order to complete the On The Range task from Gunny in Gray Zone Warfare.

Where to scout all three locations for On The Range task
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Where to scout all three locations

In order to complete the On The Range task for Gunny, you’ll have to visit three separate locations to scout them out at the top of the map near Hunter’s Paradise. Gunny will give you a brand new LZ, Foxtrot 1, which conveniently drops you off just east of where you need to scout. Make sure you’re well equipped because there are a lot of AI-controlled enemies around this base, and all three factions receive this task so it’s likely you may encounter some PvP.

Once you get off the chopper, head southeast through the woods until you reach the first part of the military complex, the Motel. Simply coming within range of it will cause the objective to update, indicating you have scouted the Motel. From the motel, head just northwest and you will reach the Shooting Lanes. There are quite a few enemies here, so take it slow and keep your guard up. This will complete the Scout the Shooting Lanes objective, leaving just the Dumping Grounds. Head just southwest and you will encounter a circular encampment as shown in the screenshot at the top of this guide. This will complete the Scout the Dumping Grounds objective.

Here is the coordinates for all three locations you have to count near Hunter’s Paradise:

  • Motel – Northeast corner of 160, 167
  • Shooting Lanes – Eastern side of 159, 168,
  • Dumping Grounds – Northwest corner of 159, 167

If you want a direct route for how to reach all three scouting location objectives and then return back to the LZ Foxtrot 1, simply follow the dotted lines on the map above.

How to complete On The Range task for Gunny

After scouting the Motel, Shooting Lanes, and Dumping Grounds at Hunter’s Paradise, you will complete the On The Range task for Gunny. Head back to the Foxtrot 1 LZ and return to base camp. Once at base camp, hit the Tab key to open your UI then head to the Vendors tab and choose Gunny. Next, choose the Tasks option and click on On the Range. In the bottom right corner of the screen is a yellow Complete button. Click this button to complete the On The Range task and receive the following rewards from Gunny:

  • 1x M4A1 with full attachments
  • $5,900
  • 1,000 Experience
  • 150 Reputation for Gunny

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