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How to complete New Neighbours in Gray Zone Warfare



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When you receive the task The Shadow Over Ban Pa, Handshake will also give you the task New Neighbours. Like the former, the New Neighbours task sends you to a new town full of computer enemies and other players from the other two factions. Here is how to complete the New Neighbours task in Gray Zone Warfare and where to find the intel at the military complex south of Fort Narith.

You can complete the New Neighbors task in Gray Zone Warfare by heading south of Fort Narith to the military complex YBL-1 and finding the Security Footage intel. Handshake gives you the new Lima 2 LZ when you accept this task, to fly there to begin this task.

Once you land, you want to immediately head northwest through the woods. Be careful as there are several barbed wire emplacements on the way which you want to steer clear of. Eventually, you’ll reach the wall of the YBL-1 Military complex, where you will see a hole in it. Head through this hole and you’ll be inside the complex. There are several guards throughout the complex, so take it slow. Head to the other side of the building in front of you and you should see a large entrance into an underground bunker, which is where you need to go. The red circle on the map above is the entrance into the bunker that you should be looking for at coordinates 142, 121.

Inside the bunker, head down the stairs and look in the first room ahead of you. You’ll see a bunch of monitors on the table against the back wall. Look on the right side of this table and you’ll find the Security Footage intel which is a VHS tape. Obtaining the intel will update your objective and complete the New Neighbours task. This triggered several enemies to start heading into the bunker for me, so you’ll want to slowly work your way back outside of the bunker once you have the intel.

How to complete the New Neighbours task

Now that you have the Security Footage intel, head back up the stairs and outside of the bunk and to your right. Exit the complex through the same hole you came in through, being wary of any enemies you may have altered to your presence including other players. Head back to the Lima 2 LZ and call a chopper to extract back to base camp.

Once you’re back at base camp, hit the Tab key to open your UI and head to the Handshake Vendor screen and click Tasks. From here, click on your New Neighbours task and click the yellow button to hand over the intel to Handshake, thus completing the task. Handshake will give you the following rewards for completing New Neighbours:

  • TC-2000 Tactical Helmet
  • $4,700
  • 1,000 Experience
  • 150 Reputation with Handshake

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