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Helldivers 2 review bomb cape design is real, and players can’t wait – Destructoid



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The Helldivers 2 review bomb campaign players went on before Sony reverted the upcoming requirement for a PSN account login inadvertently created a great design for an in-game cape. Now, it looks like that cape has been brought to life, and players can’t want to get it.

Over the past week or so, Helldivers 2 players have been through a pretty rough series of movements against and then for the game they love. When Sony indicated that a PSN account would be required to play from the end of May, players went on a review-bomb campaign until this requirement was rescinded. After that, a positive review-bombing campaign began, making a pretty interesting pattern on the game’s stats page. That stats page and this effort have now been immortalized as a cape.

Arrowhead reveals Helldivers 2 review bomb cape is coming

Over the weekend, Arrowhead Game Studios’ CEO Johan Pilesedt shared a cheeky image of a cape in Helldivers 2 that looks suspiciously like the Steam reviews image that he joked would make a great cape in the game. Players immediately jumped on the past and began begging to have it in their inventory. The Helldivers 2 Media account even posted what looks like a pretty legitimate image of the cape, though I can’t verify if it’s real or a mockup.

Users seemingly lost their minds when they saw this and posted amazing replies, like Basetrade’s comment, “ID LIKE TO DOWNVOTE THIS POST BUT IN A POSITIVE WAY.”

The cape will be the second to commemorate the Helldivers 2 community. The first was the Malevelon Creek cape that every player was given in recognition of the insane number of deaths on the planet and how much players hate fighting on it.

This new cape means more, though. It recognizes the power of the community working together not just in the game but outside of it, too. The review bombing was a form of protest, as players aimed to force Sony to reverse its decision to require PC players to have a PSN account.

However, just because a cape is on the way, it doesn’t mean the Helldivers 2 community is done fighting. At the time of writing, 177 countries are unable to purchase the game after it was delisted from Steam. Those countries do not allow PSN accounts, meaning it was impossible for those users to play the game once the PSN requirement was instated.

User G.O.A.T.Gaming replied to this same post, saying, “You promised everyone would be able to play Helldivers, and they can’t. We trusted you!” Pilestedt has explained in multiple social media posts that it would be in Sony’s hands to fix this, but Arrowhead Game Studios is hoping it will be resolved soon.

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