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Helldivers 2 player yeets a Charger straight through a Bile Titan’s face—’Ever seen a Charger Strategem? Now you have’



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At the heart of Helldivers 2’s intense combat are a few key skills. The overwhelming nature of the forces against you means prioritising targets is as important as good aim. You’ve got to balance the enormous power of stratagems with limited uses, always wary of the nightmares that lie just over the next ridge. Sometimes you don’t balance jack, and you’ve got to improvise with whatever’s in your hands.

Helldiver WolfBrinkTV has managed to exemplify all of these aspects in a beautiful clip that showcases both the game’s slightly janky physics and the emergent opportunities they create. The moment ends up so cinematic that it deserves all the medals Super Earth has to offer, and then some.

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